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What is fantasy sports?

A new addiction for the sports fan

Fantasy sports are a type of online game that allows sports fans to compete against one another by building & managing a virtual team of professional athletes from a particular sport. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those athletes in actual games.

1. Choose a contest

It’s just for the week. There’s no season long commitment.

2. Pick your players

Enter a lineup in minutes with our simple salary cap format.

3. Highest scores win

Finish 1st or 1001st, everyone gets a prize based on their score.

Why Fanzoo Sports?

No Season Long Commitment. Make a new team for every league. Win Gauranteed Prizes. At Fanzoo, the fan always wins. Always Free To Play. Our Fans never pay. Show Your friends your managerial skills. The Fanzoo community never sleeps.

Our live leaderboard

An addictive feature of our game which fans just love! You can bet your customers will spend a few hours every weekend on this page, monitoring their team & checking out their competitors’ teams, boasting on the live smack talk board & seeing which of your awesome prizes they can win!

Fanzoo online community

One stop shop for all the sports fan

Our website and social media accounts have a lot of engaging content to keep sports fans entertained! Be it podcasts, original videos or fan articles — the Fanzoo online community is always active.